March 13


Use this poem and link to review space concepts.

This is a fun site for children to learn more about space.  We explored it in the computer lab.

Go to NASA Kid’s Club.  Click here.

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March 11

Fine Arts Week

We were privileged to participate in a variety of outstanding events during Fine Arts Week.  First, we enjoyed performances by opera singers and Irish musicians and dancers.  The children drew with chalk around the school on Monday and we had a sculptor visit during our art class.  Next was a performance by a brass quintet and that evening was the Talent Show.  On Wednesday, the second grade performed Go Fish and finally we had an author share her writing skills with us on Thursday.  There were also some very humorous segments on Tiger TV by Ms. McGuire and Mrs. Bower.  

March 2

Coordinate Graphs

We have been learning to locate and read points on a coordinate graph.We played two games to practice these skills. The first was a team game in which each team attempted to be the first to place four magnets in a row. In the second partner game, one player hid stickers on a coordinate grid and his/her partner guessed ordered pairs until they found all the stickers. To help us remember to move horizontally first, we said that you must go down the hall before you can go up the elevator.


Play Billy Bug to practice locating points on a grid.  Click here.

Play Hidden Ships.  Click here.

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March 1


Second grade skyped with an astronaut! Click here for the bio Colonel Kimbrough. It was an awesome experience!  Both adults and children learned so much about the space program!

This is a short segment from the 50 minutes we spent skyping.

A big thank you to Mrs. Daugherty for organizing this event for us!

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February 27

Winter Break

Hope everyone had a fun-filled, memory-making winter vacation! My dad treated ten members of my family to a cruise. It was so good to see everyone! Unfortunately, my sweet daughter couldn’t get away from college.

My Brother, Sister, and I with Our Parents

Mom with my Niece and Nephew