May 5

Pajama Day

One of our fourth graders won the privilege to be principal for the day at the gala.  His first order of business was to declare today “Pajama Day”.  It was fun to be in our pajamas while we worked the day away.

April 18


After reading a non-fiction book and watching some You Tubes of Giant Pandas, we watched the pandas live on the panda cams at the following zoos:

Go to this link to watch the pandas at the Atlanta Zoo.

Go to this link to watch the pandas at the San Diego Zoo.

We made pandas too!

Some Interesting Panda Facts:

Pandas are native only to China and live in the mountains.
Pandas are herbivores and eat bamboo 10 to 16 hours a day.
Pandas are good climbers and love to tumble.
Panda cubs are pink, hairless, and blind at birth.

March 31

High School Chapel

Today we were invited to join the High School Chapel to share our part in the mission trip to Nashville. Taylor opened the group up in prayer and Julian answered questions about what our class did to help. We heard stories about how the care packages you all made brought tears to the eyes of some of the homeless people who received them. The children were excited to see their prayer partners again and to learn more about their experiences in Nashville. Enjoy our mission trip highlights.