September 8

Student Council

We had eleven students run for Student Council Class Representative.  Each gave a speech presenting why they wanted to run for this position and their qualifications.  I was so proud of their desire to serve and the confidence they demonstrated while they shared their ideas.  What can-do kids!


Congratulations Brooke for winning this very close race!

August 31

Independent Reading

We spend a part of every day reading self-selected books.  Reading, like any skill, improves with practice.

We are anxiously awaiting the opening of our classroom library.  We have been learning how to choose a book on our reading level- a just right book. Yesterday, I read the folktale, Cinderella, and explained that choosing a book is like trying to find a shoe that fits.  A shoe that is too small is like a book that is too easy.  It was a just right book when they were younger, but now they have grown and it is time to find a better fit.  I also ran around in a shoe that was too large for me and the children immediately recognized that it was like choosing a book that was too hard.  One day, the book will be a just right book, but they need to wait until they are ready.  We also discussed that we don’t wear the same size shoes, so the books we read will probably not be the same either.  Just like the prince tried to find the maiden that was a perfect fit for the shoe, we need to find a book that is a perfect fit for us!

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August 19

Star Student

Every two weeks we choose a new star student.  The star student is our line leader and has the privilege of sitting in the star student chair during the day.  A star trophy sits on his/her desk and a bulletin board is dedicated to him/her.  Each star student also receives some star student gifts.  Congratulations to our first star student!

August 16


Today was our Convocation Chapel. We walked over for the hour ceremony at the Student Center. It is such a blessing to be able to dedicate our school year to God and to pray together for our students, parents, faculty, and trustees. I am a founding teacher at KRCS and it was amazing to see the size of our student body today. We now number over 700 students. To God be the glory!

The start of something new brings the hope of something great!

May 25

Restaurant Math

We pretended to be in a restaurant today during math.  I acted as hostess and seated each group of children.  They reviewed a menu, wrote an order, and then calculated their bills.  They brought me their bill and I checked it with a cash register.


May 18

Letting Go

My daughter leaves today to study abroad in Spain.  I would appreciate if you would include her in your prayers.  She will live in a host home, take public transportation to the university, and participate in weekend excursions. She leaves knowing no one else on the trip.

As I have reflected on her departure, I’ve thought about our role as parents. Someone told me a long time ago that our job as parents is to prepare our children to leave us. From the minute they leave the womb, this role begins. There are their first steps, first day at school, and then the first sleepover. Later comes the first overnight class trip, the first date, and the first time they drive the car alone. Before you know it, you are leaving them at college. Our greatest challenge is to equip our children with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful and then to sense when they are ready for the next step on their journey. If they proceed with independence and confidence, you have been successful. Prayer and faith are your constant companions because as much as you love them, their heavenly father loves them even more.

I have invested in your children this year and they each hold a special place in my heart. They too are prepared for the next step in their journey as they move upstairs to third grade. As the years go by, I will still be here to offer encouragement and to celebrate their accomplishments with you! Please don’t hesitate to stop by my room.

May 16


Currently in fifth grade, the students are periodically presented with questions from their teachers and they are asked to respond to those questions by posting comments on the blog. My class looked at their blogs last week and they wanted to know how they could post comments on our class blog. I wanted to give them an opportunity to post a comment as well as provide them with a chance to give me some feedback about this year.

We discussed the importance of not sharing personal information, such as last names on the blog.  Be sure a parent looks at the comment before it is submitted. I will review and approve the comment before it is posted.  If a child chooses an avatar, please don’t choose a personal photo.

Here is your question:
Which day(s) or event(s) were your favorite this year?

For example, it may be a class party, a field trip, or a special event, such as the Talent Show or one of our fun dress-down days. You may have had a favorite unit (Living Things, Simple Machines, China, Space, Native Americans, or States). We’ve also had many special days, like Sleeping Bag Day, Field Day, Hero Day, The Book Parade, Movie Day, Grandparents’ Day, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, or the 100th Day. Your favorite may have been our Bugz performance, our chapel, or the Nashville mission project with the High School. Learning multiplication or cursive might be what you’ll remember most about second grade. Maybe you enjoyed memorizing a poem or doing your biography book report.  Some of you also shared your gifts and talents during the Parent Spots.  Possibly, you’re most excited about one of your many accomplishments this year or when you were the Star Student.  I am anxious to hear what is the most memorable to each of you.