August 30

Sense of Touch

What better way to discuss the sense of touch than with finger painting! We made a print of our finger painting before we cleaned up.

We also felt something bumpy (Lego board), rough (sandpaper), fuzzy (sheepskin), and soft (suede) before we began finger painting. Things can be described by their texture.

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August 29


In conjunction with their living and non-living science unit, first grade biologists continued their study of turtles. We wrote our first lab report. Then, we discussed the connection between art and science before creating turtles. To construct a turtle, we need to be knowledgeable of its body parts. We observed our lab turtle and I also projected real turtle shells with my doc camera. Of course, we added a little of our own style and creativity to this project.

I also gave each class a pet turtle to keep in their classrooms. The little sea turtle was four inches. Will it grow and change like a living thing? If it does, is it a living thing?

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August 23


During our first senses lab, kindergarten scientists learned that scientists use their five senses to make observations. Sometimes they use tools to enhance their sense of sight, like magnifiers, microscopes, and telescopes. We learned how to use a hand lens (magnifying glass) correctly, so that we could magnify objects.

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August 16

New Glofish

One of my fourth graders adopted the fish we had in our tank before school was out. I redid the tank and purchased glofish. They are beautiful schooling fish! I plan to add the other colors soon. Currently, we have two yellow, two orange, and a purple glofish. Glofish are genetically modified fluorescent fish.

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