October 31


One morning during our book fair, JP and I happened to both be looking at posters. I mentioned that I wanted a Minion poster because they dress for lab. When he won a free book at the book fair, he chose this poster for me. What a sweet surprise!

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October 30


In Social Studies, third grade is studying explorers. Early European explorers used ships, called caravels, for their exploration. These ships had triangular sails and could easily sail into the wind. Students worked in collaborative groups in the Makerspace Classroom to build caravels from their choice of materials. Then they tested whether their caravels could float in the science lab. In this STEAM activity, students used art, science, engineering, and math concepts to successfully complete their designs.

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October 29

Animal Updates

Jabba, a White’s tree frog, is always a favorite in the lab and a constant source of entertainment!

I think Squirt, a red-eared slider, is trying to “hibernate” (brumate) which isn’t easy in a room full of noisy scientists! Last winter, she stopped eating for several months and had me worried, but one spring day, she wanted food again. The turtles in the pond behind school can no longer be seen floating in the water on warm days. Most turtles go deep into the mud and leaves at the bottom of ponds during winter months. Their bodies slow down, so they don’t need to eat anymore and they stop breathing through their lungs.

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October 17

Periodic Table

It has been on my to-do list to make a child friendly Periodic Table, so that I can refer to it during our labs. I have listed the first twenty-two elements. I am going to challenge my scientists to learn them in order. Click here to learn a song that will help with memorization.

October 17


Several classes visited the Makerspace classroom for the first time. A makerspace area is a place where students can design, build, create, explore, fail, problem solve, and dream. During this visit, my engineers checked out some of the construction materials. They loved the chairs and additional new furniture (tables, cabinets, workbench, dry erase table with additional chairs) will be coming soon thanks to Mr. Burchfield. They can’t wait to come back!

October 12

Gold Mines

In conjunction with their Earth unit, third grade scientists traveled to the Dahlonega gold mines- always a fun field trip! Thank you chaperones! I was helping Mrs. Kiefaber’s class, so there are more photos of her students on this video.

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October 10

Grapes – Scientific Process

Second grade biologists are taking this question through the scientific process. We made our hypotheses and now we are waiting to see what happens. Be sure to check back!

One week later, we observed that the grapes were slightly smaller and had lines on them. Why do you think that happened?

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October 2


My kindergarten scientists have been studying the farm. After a lesson about the parts of a corn stalk and an ear of corn (cob, kernel, silk, and husk), we shucked an ear of corn, removed the kernels, and broke the cob in half to look at the inside.

Then we put on our goggles and moved to the lab tables for an experiment. We poured 1 cup of vinegar from the beaker into a jar filled with two cups of water. Next we added corn kernels. The kernels dropped to the bottom of the jar. Then we added 1 T of baking soda and we couldn’t believe what happened next! After the “explosion”, the kernels rose to the top, but moved up and down with the bubbles because the reaction created a gas- carbon dioxide.

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