April 27

Biography Voice Thread

You are in for a treat!  Sit back and learn about famous people that used their gifts and overcame hardships to rock our world!  You will be amazed at the growth in your child’s public speaking skills.  So proud of all of them!

Feel free to leave a comment on the voice thread for your child or for the class.

April 27

Career Day

We had our first ever Career Day.  The children were able to freely walk around and visit with the guests. They asked great questions and were so polite!  The following people shared their careers:

Ms. Warner – Interior Design
Ms. Blohm – Artist
Mr. Gribble – Design and Graphics
Ms. Henriksen – Professional Dancer
Ms. Karner – Nurse
Firemen and Paramedics
Mr. Nitkowski – Professional Baseball Player
Mr. Hudson – Lobbyist
Mr. McGruder  – Attorney
Mr. Lamkin – Construction/Real Estate
Mr. Patterson – Armed Forces/Teacher

April 26

New Series

Many of us choose the books we read through recommendations from friends.  It’s fun to watch how popular a book or series becomes in our classroom after one child gives it a rave review.  That has recently happened with the I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis.  This series (six books currently) is historical fiction and is more challenging than the Magic Tree House series which combines fantasy with historical fiction.  This would be an interesting series to read with your child this summer.  The author looks at these disasters through the eyes of children.

Click here to visit the author’s site.

If you click on the book, you can read the first few pages.

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April 25


Thanks to Mrs. Dickey for introducing us to Xtra Math!  What a great program!  Riley is the first to achieve 100% mastery in addition.  Jake and Cailin are not far behind.  Mastery of basic facts will increase your child’s accuracy, speed, and  therefore confidence.

Way to go Riley!

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