April 29

Book Recommendations

I want to share three devotionals that I am reading during my morning devotions. We all have more time to read now, so this is the perfect time to add something new to your quiet time with God.

I am reading the second book of Louie Giglio’s science devotions for kids. I learn something about creation every day! Your entire family will enjoy it. There are two books in this series, and I hope he writes another one!

How Great is Our God- 100 Indescribable Devotions about God and Science

How Great Is Our God - LifeWay

Let’s join together and pray as a nation. If My People is a 40 day prayer guide for us to intercede for our nation. It’s a small, inexpensive paperback that is so powerful! I love the way that the author also weaves prayers from past presidents throughout the 40 days.

If My People… A 40 Day prayer Guide for Our Nation

If My People . . .: A 40-Day Prayer Guide for Our Nation by Jack Countryman 1404187286 9781404187283

I was given the next devotional several years ago and I just picked it up again. It is truly one of the best devotionals I have used. Although it begins in January, I just began on the date I started back in March. I look forward to the wisdom I gain through it each day.

New Morning Mercies – A Daily Gospel Devotional

April 27


I am attending a virtual online conference – STEM CON 2020! it has been awesome and I am collecting so many ideas for next year.

I also won a prize! SO excited! See below:


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April 25

Thermal Energy

Choosing at home thermal energy investigations has been a challenge because most of the investigations we do at school during this unit involve fire or hot water! One of the experiments that I suggested this week after our Zoom lesson was a rising water investigation which defies gravity! Click here to learn more. Many of my students told me that they changed variables and tried the investigation multiple times. Love that they are using the Scientific Method!

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April 25

Air Pressure

Fourth grade scientists continue learning about weather online. After a lesson about air pressure, they tried two air pressure investigations. Click here to learn about a way to prank someone in your family using science.











































How does the water stay inside the glass? There is no glue or tape holding the paper on the glass. Click here to learn more.






























Had to show you some of the videos!

We also learned about the layers of the atmosphere. Click here to learn more. Some students chose the art option this week.

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April 25

Ice Cream

One of the choices for third grade thermal energy online science homework was to make ice cream. Such a great way to demonstrate how states of matter can change. Click here to learn how to make ice cream at home.


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April 24

Extreme Weather

First grade meteorologists are learning about extreme weather online. After a lesson about tornadoes, I suggested making a vortex in a jar. It’s one of my favorite investigations!  Click here for directions.

This is the vortex I made in the science lab last year:

If you have a milk frother, you can also create a vortex this way.

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April 24

More Rocks

Online learning about rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs continues for my kindergarten geologists and paleontologists. One of the STEAM connections this week was to create a prayer rock. When you take the rock off your pillow each evening, you are reminded to pray, and then when you place it back on your pillow each morning, you are prompted to talk to God again. Look at the beautiful prayer rocks that Avery made!

Banks found these rocks when he was exploring outside. He thinks they are asteroids. What do you think?