September 16

Human Body App

Fifth grade is beginning their study of the human body. These scientists will discover how our body is organized into tissues, organs, and systems. We will delve into the roles of each system and the organs that comprise them. I discovered this app that we will add to our iPads to enrich our understanding of our amazing bodies.

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September 16

Lab Helpers

I am asking two students to help me care for our Science Lab animals each day. It will be a wonderful opportunity to have individual time with my students and to teach them the proper care of these animals. These were my first two helpers.

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September 15

New Resource

I love sharing new resources with my blog family. While browsing Barnes and Noble, I recently saw this series of non-fiction books. There is a large selection of books available in the series and they can be purchased for your Kindle. This series is recommended for children ages four through eight years old.

See the source image

September 13

Onion Cell

Fifth grade microbiologists learned how to peel off a small sample of onion skin with forceps and how to dye the skin with iodine to see the cells with greater clarity. We observed the specimen with our microscopes and Lukas captured this picture with his iPad. We also looked at prepared slides. The second picture is frog blood.


frog blood

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September 10


First grade continued their study of matter with several gas (air) and liquid (water) experiments.

We placed a tissue in the top of a cup. Then we plunged the cup straight down into a tub of water. After we lifted the cup straight up, we discovered the tissue was still dry! What kept the tissue dry?

We placed a note card over the top of a glass of water and flipped the cup over. The water didn’t fall out and the paper stayed in place. Wow, air pressure is strong!

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September 2


Whenever we need to protect our eyes, we will wear goggles. Do you know why I purchased the cabinet below?

goggles 1

The cabinet provides dry sterilization using ultraviolet radiation. I can also use it with hand lenses. It has been a great addition to our science lab!

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