October 25

Fact and Opinion

We have been learning about spiders in science and how to differentiate between facts and opinions in reading. Lots of people have opinions about spiders, so it was a perfect opportunity to teach this concept.

Spiders are invertebrates. Most spiders spin webs. Spiders have eight legs and two body parts. Most spiders have eight eyes. There are different kinds of webs.

Everyone should study spiders. Spiders are the coolest!  Spiders are gross. Spiders are scary. Spiders are weird. Spiders are fun to study.

October 10

Our First Field Trip

We had a beautiful fall day for our field trip to Scottsdale Farms! Thanks to Mrs. Reedy and Mrs. Gammage for driving the buses, to the parents and grandparents who joined us, and of course to the Gianturcos for their generosity. We were divided into three groups and each group rotated through three activities. Then we dined together outside overlooking the pumpkin patch. I was with one of the groups, so you will see more pictures of those children who were with me.