October 28


A few highlights of the children presenting the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth  at chapel.  I know they will never forget these stories!

Just a portion of our chapel presentation:

As the children entered chapel, Mrs. Clinton shared this silly song about the book of Judges.  The same creators also brought us Veggie Tales.

October 26

Pastel Pumpkins

Love these pastel drawings of pumpkins that the children made in art this week!

Mrs. McGuire, art teacher extraordinaire, asked the children to observe and then draw pumpkins while they discussed seasonal changes.  They blended oil pastels to document their observations on paper.  Vocabulary included line, contour, shape, color, contrast, and observational drawing.


October 25

Fact and Opinion

We have been learning about spiders in science and how to differentiate between facts and opinions in reading. Lots of people have opinions about spiders, so it was a perfect opportunity to teach this concept.

Spiders are invertebrates. Most spiders spin webs. Spiders have eight legs and two body parts. Most spiders have eight eyes. There are different kinds of webs.

Everyone should study spiders. Spiders are the coolest!  Spiders are gross. Spiders are scary. Spiders are weird.  piders are fun to study.