August 27


I purchased bullfrog tadpoles for the lab, so that we could observe metamorphosis, last May. Our tadpoles are finally growing back legs! It is almost September! I wonder why they are moving through their life cycle so slowly?

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August 24

Thermal Energy

Third grade scientists are studying matter and thermal energy.
What is a convection current? Click here.

 In the first photo, we dropped ice cubes with blue food coloring on one side of the tank and warm water with red food coloring on the other. Convection currents affect weather all over the earth.

How can I squeeze an egg inside a bottle? Click here.
Just look at those faces  as they saw the egg move inside the bottle.

Which candle will stop burning first? Why?

How can we defy gravity? Why did the water rise? Click here.

Does heat impact how fast a fizzer dissolves?

How does heat sheet work? Click here.

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August 22


The King’s Ridge community celebrated the solar eclipse together in the high school quad. My Lower School scientists spent last week learning all the science behind the eclipse, so we were ready to experience this once in a lifetime event!

August 11


Our KRCS Lower School strives to ensure the first day back to school is memorable for our students. This year’s theme is “God is Wild About You!” As students arrived, they stepped into the jungle and their teachers greeted them with hugs, poppers, and music. Then we moved into the gym and danced to this year’s theme song. Lots of smiles!

August 9


I am always looking for ways to make my room more exciting. This year I added a volcano. Student work that is “on fire” will be displayed around it!

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August 9


The lab animals are so happy that I am back in school. They constantly entertain me! I discovered this cricket on Jabba’s head. It reminded me of the folktale, The Gingerbread Boy. The fox tricks the Gingerbread cookie into sitting on his head while they cross the river. I think you can guess the ending.

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