June 21


It’s probably not surprising that I love to garden. My parents and grandparents were gardeners too and I am blessed to have a husband that shares my passion. Here are a few corners of my backyard:

I couldn’t resist!

I think hydrangeas are my favorite flower. Both of these were gifts from students.

This belonged to my grandparents. So true!

June 13


When I returned home from visiting my mom, my husband informed me that a robin was trying to build a nest over our deck door. He had taken it down three times, but she was back again this morning. It is amazing to watch a bird construct her nest. Do you realize that every robin builds a nest using the same design? Birders can distinguish between nests and identify the species of bird who built it. I once placed nesting materials in front of a group of students and asked them if they could construct a nest without using their hands. I hope she finds a better place to build her home!

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June 13

St Louis

First thing I did when school was out for the summer was to travel to see my mom and sister in St. Louis. My daughter joined us for a few days too. Just love having girl time with them!

We took advantage of an unusually cool day to visit the Botanical Gardens. The largest exhibit of fused-glass is currently on display throughout the gardens. The Chihuly exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is blown glass. If you are ever in Kirkwood, Missouri, be sure to stop by the Magic House too.