November 18

Mrs. Dailey

Mrs. Dailey, second grade assistant, is a microbiologist. She worked in a hospital lab for 12 years after graduating from the University of Georgia. What a treat to have her visit fifth grade during their study of single-celled organisms!

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November 14

Scientific Method and Mold

Mold Facts

  • microscopic
  • classified in the fungi kingdom
  • grows in colonies
  • reproduces by spores
  • present virtually everywhere
  • neither plant nor animal
  • feeds on dead or decaying matter

After reviewing information about mold and the Scientific Method, we began a simple experiment on mold growth.

Will more mold grow on bread that we touched with dirty hands or will more mold grow on the bread we touched after washing our hands? Maybe there won’t be any difference at all. We wrote a hypothesis and discussed all of the variables that could impact this experiment. We also have  a control- a piece of bread that hasn’t been touched by hands in the classroom.

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November 5


What a treat to have Eva’s mom, Christina, visit our third grade classes to share her experiences as an archeologist. The children had lots of questions for her! She worked in Belize studying the Mayan ruins.  Her specialty is jade.