May 22


Third grade biologists learned how to use binoculars correctly and safely. Then we used our binoculars to observe the wildlife around the pond.

Our binoculars magnify eight times. This video explains how to select binoculars.

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May 21

Minnow Tank

My third and fourth grade students presented their innovative ideas to our Minnow Tank panel this morning. Such an incredible experience for these young entrepreneurs! They received feedback from Dr. De La Rosa, Mrs. Clements, and Mr. Ward, all leaders in our community. Our inventors left with useful suggestions to move forward with their prototypes and were inspired to keep dreaming!

May 19

Don’t Forget Us!

As if to let me know he feels a little ignored this week with all the excitement about the ducks, Jabba has been croaking!

Squirt bangs on his tank if we don’t visit him too!

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May 19

Vulture Sighting

Occasionally I will spot one of our resident vultures at school. This made me laugh today as I walked into check on the ducklings. Looks like we have a gargoyle! He stayed in this position for awhile.

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May 18


Third and fourth grade students have the option to participate in the annual Invention Convention. These entrepreneurs create and then share an innovative product with their classmates before moving to the Minnow Tank which is our version of the TV show Shark Tank. As they worked on their inventions, they applied twenty-first century learning including creativity, critical thinking, initiative, and communication skills.

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