March 31


Kindergarten students are learning about what’s in the sky. Click here to watch a video that they watched. Then we learned more about the moon. One of the optional projects during online learning was to paint a moon with white or gray paint. Astronomers added craters by pushing circular objects (such as a water bottle top or jar lid) into the paint to form the craters.

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March 30

Blanket Forts

As online learning continued, I challenged my engineers to build a fort with loose parts that they have around their homes. I encouraged them to use the Engineer Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve), and to make blueprints of their designs before they began construction. For inspiration, I shared a Wiki site with ideas for blanket forts. As I receive additional photos, I will add them to this post.

Some problems to solve:
How many rooms will be in your fort?
How will you keep the blankets up?
Will there be any windows or doors? How about a skylight?
Will there be light inside your fort?

March 29


During online learning, I asked my PreK students to stick pencils through a Ziploc bag filled with water. Why didn’t the bags leak? It’s all about polymers! Click here to read more about this investigation.

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March 25

Online Learning – First Grade (Spring)

Spring arrived on March 19th. During online learning, my first grade scientists sent me photos of the signs of spring they found around their homes. I joined in the fun and included some photos taken around KRCS and my neighborhood. Click here to watch a video about spring.

Our Signs of Spring Video:

My PreK classes planted bulbs last fall. Just look at them now!

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March 24

Online Learning – Second Grade (Spiders)

Second grade is studying spiders from home. Click here and here to watch videos that they watched. Using their knowledge of a spider’s anatomy, they were asked to create new species of spiders.






























There are not a lot of spider webs outside right now, but here is one way you can see them more clearly. If you suspect there is a spider web, spray it with a mist, and it will be much easier to see. In the first photo, there doesn’t appear to be an orb web. Do you see how an unsuspecting insect could be caught?

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March 23

Online Learning – Fourth Grade

During online learning, fourth grade engineers were challenged with a STEM activity. Who can build the tallest freestanding tower with five sheets of paper and two feet of tape? The tape cannot be used to stabilize the tower. Can you think of another way to build the tower? Involve the entire family! Click here for sample directions.