July 12

Commenting and Privacy

In the past, the internet was used primarily for email and as a search engine. It was a passive viewing of content. That function is being expanded as the new Web tools provide opportunities for us to create, connect, and collaborate.

One of these tools is a blog. I hope my blog will give you parenting and education tips. You are welcome to make comments on the posts I create and to ask questions. It will be an ongoing conversation between you, the other visitors, and me.

Thoughts on Commenting:

I want to encourage you to ask questions and to share ideas.  Comments might include:
Where can I find that resource?
I went to the link you shared and discovered another great site.
My child and I found another fun way to practice __________________.

Also, it is important that we protect privacy.  I never use last names and I do my best not to associate a photo or video of a child with his/her name.  Please be cautious about sharing personal information about your family.  I moderate and approve comments before they are posted.

Have fun blogging!

1 thoughts on “Commenting and Privacy

  1. Geoff Marlow

    Just a quick note letting you know how much I appreciate your postings and the learnings you forward so creatively through your class. No doubt, you inspire.

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