March 13


We read The Gruffalo which has sold over 10 million copies. Before we read the story or looked at the cover, we predicted what the story might be about from the title. Then I presented a description of the Gruffalo and we all tried to visualize what he might look like from that description before seeing the illustrations. I explained that the mouse tries to persuade the other animals throughout the story and instructed the children to listen for examples of persuasion. There are several examples of alliteration in the story too.

There is a sequel to the story: The Gruffalo’s Child.  There are some great descriptive words in the story and it has traits like a “tall tale”.

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March 13

Happy 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts

Today we celebrated the 100th year anniversary of Girl Scouts.  Do you know who founded Girl Scouts?  Scratch off the green square to check your answer.

The KRCS Girl Scouts celebrated this special day with some of the teachers who had been in scouting when they were young girls.  The girls presented a striking bird bath to the school at the end of the event.

March 13


Use this poem and link to review space concepts.

This is a fun site for children to learn more about space.  We explored it in the computer lab.

Go to NASA Kid’s Club.  Click here.

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