February 9

Snow Day

I loved everything about this day! I sat in front of the fire reading, as I watch the unexpected snow fall. I imagined how excited my students felt finally seeing snow and imagined what fun they were having with their families. I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures when school resumes on Monday. There is something special about a snowstorm in Georgia!

January 12

Invention Convention

Will one of my third or fourth graders invent something that will rock our world? They are ready to try! We kicked off our fifth annual Invention Convention. I brought in these inventions to illustrate how inventors improve upon the work of those who come before them. After the Invention Convention, inventions will move to our version of the Show Shark Tank which we call Minnow Tank. Click here to view previous blog posts about the Invention Convention and Minnow Tank. (Scroll down.)

Details about the Invention Convention will come home in Friday folders soon.

Click here to watch inventors share their thoughts on inventing.

Click here to watch Molly, a kid inventor, who became an engineer.

The typewriter was especially interesting to my scientists. I demonstrated how the return, the cap lock, and the space bar work in much the same way as they do on the keyboards we use today.

I am inventing a new student desk. I made these changes last year, and I continue to look for additional ways to bring desks into this century!

October 4

Night Hikes

My daughter and I looked forward to the Halloween Hikes at Chattahoochee Nature Center every year when she was young, and I thought your families would enjoy this event too. We would go early, purchase our tickets, and enjoy a picnic dinner while we waited for our group time. As you hike through the woods at night, people dressed as animals are stationed along the trail to teach you about the wildlife native to Georgia. Food, crafts, and live animal demonstrations are available. Scout groups also come to this fun, informative event. Click here for more information.

 It’s the perfect non-scary alternative to traditional Halloween events.

August 13

Building God’s Kingdom

The Lower School’s new theme is Building God’s Kingdom. If you have been through our hallways, you’ve noticed that all the welcome back bulletin boards have a construction theme. Below is a sampling of the boards:

Each year, we make the first day a celebration.

“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.” … Hebrews 3:4

October 12

Fourth Grade Overnight

What a fun and exhausting two days! Spending time with your children was a blessing and I was so proud of our fourth graders. I watched them be bold and courageous and persevere when they were afraid! They felt such a sense of accomplishment after they crawled through the caves and completed the ropes course. Even traveling to another state and sleeping in a cabin in the woods was something many of them had never done without their parents. As their science teacher, I was excited to see our students connect with nature and realize the joy of being outside. I know I feel closest to God when I am there.