December 12

Weather- Air Pressure

Weather labs are action packed!

Click here to watch us defy gravity. Water travels down the string because of cohesion and adhesion.

In the pictures below we are exploring what happens when you open a water bottle with a hole in its side. The water comes out of the hole like a fountain when you take off the top, but when you put the top back on, the water stops. Why?

We flipped a jar filled with water over with a card on top. Click here to see what happens. Then when we slowly slid the card away on another jar, the water didn’t come out. Click here to watch this step. Why?

Why does the candle go out when a jar is placed over it?

How does the candle magically relight?

This is called the magical refilling bottle. It appeared to be empty, but each time I turned it over, more water came out. How?

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