September 15

New Ducks

For two days now, we have had a group of six visiting mallard ducks in the pond behind school. Percy, our silver appleyard duck who was hatched in the science lab, immediately joined them. He wouldn’t leave the visitors today when I came to feed him. I think he has been lonely since his mate disappeared about a month ago. Could these ducks have flown in from North Carolina to escape the hurricane? What a great Atlanta welcome he has given them!

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September 15

Egg Lab

My kindergarten scientists are studying farm life, so it was a perfect time to have an egg lab. We identified the parts of an egg and saw the difference between raw and boiled eggs.

We placed an egg in vinegar. We hypothesized what might happen to the egg. We immediately saw bubbles. We’ll check this investigation next week.

Why does the egg sink in fresh water and float in salt water?

If you squeeze an empty water bottle and then let go of the squeeze over an egg, you can suck the yolk into the bottle and separate it from the white. It works like a pipette.

How did the hard boiled egg fit inside the bottle? This investigation involved fire!

Try spinning a raw egg and a hard boiled egg. Why is there a difference?

We recited “Humpty Dumpty” and discussed why he might be on the wall and what might have made him fall. Then we discovered a way to make a raw egg stand. This took patience!

Watch this video to see some of the investigations we did and some others you can try at home.

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