September 6

Symmetry and Plants

Second grade botanists began their study of plants with a focus on leaves. We looked at leaves that were a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. Wow, our God values creativity and diversity!

Leaves, as well as many other things in nature, can be divided equally through a line of symmetry. We explored symmetry with mirrors. We drew pictures on one side of a line, and then placed a mirror on the line of symmetry to see the other side. Today we had science with a touch of math and a dab of art!

September 6


I was able to laminate the long snake skin I received last spring. I hung it on a hook, so we can turn it over. I have received three snake skins this week! I plan to laminate another, so we can compare them. We will also look at them under microscopes. It would be fun to do some rubbings too!

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