August 19

Feely Box

Kindergarten scientists are in a senses unit, so I made them a feely box for their classrooms. This box can be used in several different ways. A student holds the box in his/her lap, so the other students can see inside, but he/she can’t. Then the teacher secretly places an object inside the box. As the child moves the object around in his/her hands, he/she describes it and then guesses its identity or the teacher can ask the child specific questions to develop sensory vocabulary. Is it hot or cold? How is it shaped? Is it hard or soft? Does it feel smooth or rough? Does it make a sound?

Remember, we touch with our skin, not just our hands.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating another use of this box.

This is an easy DIY project. Take turns with your child describing the objects to teach vocabulary.

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