January 24

Aurora Borealis

Kindergarten students continued their study of the polar regions. After making frost, we “traveled” to Antarctica to see the Northern Lights. Click here ¬†and here to learn more about auroras. God created an invisible shield, that is also a thing of beauty, to protect us. We used flashlights and CDs to refract light. See previous posts to learn how we made frost with ice, rock salt, and water.

January 24

Found Art Projects

Next week, third grade environmentalists will reuse trash to create animals of their choosing. This week, we reviewed cardboard construction techniques to prepare. Teams worked together to attach cardboard using the flange, slot, tab, and L-Brace methods. Click here to learn more. We also discussed the appropriate times to use different types of tape (scotch, masking, packing, and duct), glue, and cutting instruments.

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