February 1

Thermometers and Water Cycle

During fourth grade’s weather unit, I demonstrated how to make a “homemade” thermometer with a bottle, straw, clay, and water colored with food coloring. Click here for directions. In the photos below, the water moved in the straw as the temperature changed throughout the day. I also taped a water cycle bag on my window. Fourth graders made these during online instruction. As the water heats up, it changes to water vapor, condenses, and then falls again as precipitation down the side of the bag. Click here for additional directions. (Food coloring is optional.)

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February 1


First grade physicists completed their magnet labs with a lab that focused on magnetic force. We used iron filings to understand that magnets are strongest at their poles.

The magnetic force can travel through solids. Can you guide the paperclip through the maze with a magnet under the tray? This is a fun way to practice eye hand coordination too. Make your own maze with a piece of cardboard at home. This task is challenging. Use straws, popsicle sticks, or folded pieces of paper. Then try to move a magnetic object through the maze.

Can you use magnets to balance the bird? Where do the magnets need to be placed on its body?

Magnetic rail twirlers are fascinating to watch!

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