November 5


What a treat to have Eva’s mom, Christina, visit our third grade classes to share her experiences as an archeologist. The children had lots of questions for her! She worked in Belize studying the Mayan ruins.  Her specialty is jade.


May 10


Carrie and Laura planned a fun Parent Spot around the science of bubbles. Why are all bubbles spheres?  Why do you see colors in bubbles? What causes the skin to form around bubbles? After making our own bubble wands, we went outside and experimented with bubbles.

April 16

New Restaurant

One of our own is opening a restaurant soon. During the Parent Spot, we learned the steps to plan, design, and build a new restaurant. It was a great lesson and the children had lots of questions. We were all grateful for the T shirts and coupons too!

The Peach and the Porkchop will be a farm to table restaurant that will serve fresh, healthy food for everyone in your family. Locally supplied foods will be available each day, along with unique chef creations.” It is located at 12040 Etris Road. Be sure to visit them on Facebook.

March 13

Tie Dye Shirts

What a fun and creative way to make tie-dye shirts. The children colored shirts with sharpies and then we dropped rubbing alcohol on them to give the shirts a tie-dye look. Thanks, Kimberly for planning a fun and creative Parent Spot!