December 9


Last week, my youngest scientists sorted objects that were and were not attracted to a magnet as a group. We also walked around the science lab and placed our magnets on objects to discover which objects “stuck” to our magnets. This week, lab partners hypothesized which objects they thought a magnet would attract, tested their hypotheses, and drew conclusions. I always enjoy listening to the scientific chatter as they decide where to place each item. Some items surprised us! Again, we discovered that metal, but not all metal, is attracted to magnets. We are learning to collaborate and classify!

We used floating magnets and cars to further investigate the force of magnets. Can you push (repel) or pull (attract) the car without touching it? How many different ways can you stack the disc magnets on the rod?

Magnets come in different shapes, sizes, and strengths.

Extend this learning at home. Give your child a magnet and ask him/her to find five objects that are attracted to the magnet. Look for ways magnets are used in your home. We know never to put a magnet in our mouths or near electronics.

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