May 16


Currently in fifth grade, the students are periodically presented with questions from their teachers and they are asked to respond to those questions by posting comments on the blog. My class looked at their blogs last week and they wanted to know how they could post comments on our class blog. I wanted to give them an opportunity to post a comment as well as provide them with a chance to give me some feedback about this year.

We discussed the importance of not sharing personal information, such as last names on the blog.  Be sure a parent looks at the comment before it is submitted. I will review and approve the comment before it is posted.  If a child chooses an avatar, please don’t choose a personal photo.

Here is your question:
Which day(s) or event(s) were your favorite this year?

For example, it may be a class party, a field trip, or a special event, such as the Talent Show or one of our fun dress-down days. You may have had a favorite unit (Living Things, Simple Machines, China, Space, Native Americans, or States). We’ve also had many special days, like Sleeping Bag Day, Field Day, Hero Day, The Book Parade, Movie Day, Grandparents’ Day, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, or the 100th Day. Your favorite may have been our Bugz performance, our chapel, or the Nashville mission project with the High School. Learning multiplication or cursive might be what you’ll remember most about second grade. Maybe you enjoyed memorizing a poem or doing your biography book report.  Some of you also shared your gifts and talents during the Parent Spots.  Possibly, you’re most excited about one of your many accomplishments this year or when you were the Star Student.  I am anxious to hear what is the most memorable to each of you.

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13 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Jake

    My favorite event was field day; the best part was the “can-do-cannon” and the slip n slide.

  2. aryan Nikroo

    I forgot to add Sleeping Bag Day. It was lots of fun and I hope we have another one before school ends.

  3. Julie

    My favorite event was field day and sleeping bag day because I had a great time with my friends.

    Mrs. Bright Rocks

    Rock on Mrs. Bright

  4. Taylor

    My favorite day was the YHWH Chapel because we got
    to express our feelings. Mrs. Bright’s class rocked the house that day!

    P.S. Mrs. Bright and Mrs. Yeska are fabulous teachers and I love them!

  5. Drew

    Field Day was my favorite event. I loved the Can-Do Cannons, the Slip-N-Slide, and the obstacle course.

  6. Julian

    My favorite days are field day and sleeping bag day but my favorite thing I learned was cursive.

    You’re the best teacher ever!

  7. Reese

    Hi Mrs.Bright, My favorite unit has to be space. My favorite day was sleeping bag day. I am going to miss you! I can’t wait for third grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have an awesome time with your new class!!!!!

  8. Grace

    My favorite day was when Farmer Sue came. I didn’t know that she was going to bring a chicken!

    My favorite event was field day. It was so much fun on the slip-n-slide!

    My favorite accomplishment was when I learned cursive and my handwriting improved a lot.

    Rock on Mrs. Bright and Mrs. Yeska!

  9. Brayden

    My favorite day was Field Day. It was the first time we got to use the Can-Do-Canons.

  10. Nick

    My favorite day was the first day because I met my teachers and friends. Also I thought Field Day was fun because I shot the can-do cannons! I also liked cursive.

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