October 20


First grade is studying fireflies as part of their nocturnal unit. This lab focused on bioluminescence which is the ability of an organism to create light. Click here to learn more.

We watched part of a video about an owl and his firefly friend and then did a follow-up activity in the very dark IT conference room. Click here to watch the Sam and the Firefly video. Gus, the firefly, did “good” word tricks after he learned a hard lesson. We pretended our UV flashlights were fireflies and we wrote words, just like Gus, on glow-in-the-dark paper. Click here to learn more about this paper.

Looked like fireflies around the room!

October 21

Mirror Writing

At the end of fourth grade’s light lab, we tried mirror writing. Mirror-writing is the production of letters, words or sentences in reverse direction, so that they look normal when viewed in a mirror. We certainly employed the growth mindset to complete this challenge! (This was dress in your favorite holiday attire day during homecoming week.)

May 23

Summer Ideas

I am often asked by parents, ‘What should I do this summer to help maintain and strengthen my child’s skills?” These are my suggestions:

Read: Read to your child, ask him/her to read to you, and read silently together.  Read a variety of genres.  There are also some great children’s magazines.  Visit the public library.

Don’t forget to get your KRCS summer reading books.

Write: Keep a summer journal.  Write letters to friends and family.  Make lists.

Memorize all addition and subtraction facts and begin to memorize multiplication and division facts.  Use Xtra Math.

Practice counting money and telling time on an analog clock.  Compute elapsed time and give correct change.

Practice cursive.

Visit places in and outside Atlanta to increase vocabulary.

Play board games and do puzzles to develop problem solving skills.

I hope you have a safe, fun-filled summer.  Make lots of memories!

April 24

Our Families

We learned how to compare things using more, most, “er”, and “est” (comparative and superlative adjectives).   The children also used better and best.

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April 22

Class Poet

The children really enjoyed our poetry unit and I am finding poems in their journals.  These poems are by Laken.


Blank pages
Waiting to be filled
With wonderful poems

Muscles at work-
Flying, spinning,
Heart beating.
Then smack,
Off the track!