January 25

Germs Germs Germs

After a discussion about germs (bacteria and viruses), how they are passed, and where they are found, I sent my second grade scientists out to swab germ hot spots around school. When they returned, they gently rubbed their Q-tips over agar in Petri dishes.  Click here to watch a child-friendly video about viruses. Hope this lesson helps us have a healthy school year!

Watch the video to learn more about this investigation:

Just after we swabbed the Petri dishes:

Two days later:

After we swabbed the Petri dishes, we completed an investigation to demonstrate the importance of using soap during handwashing. We dropped pepper (germs) in water inside small bowls. We placed a clean Q tip inside the bowl, but the pepper did not move. Then, we dipped the Q tip in soap. This time when we touched the pepper, it moved quickly to the sides of the dish. The soap broke the surface tension of the water.

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