October 10

Duck Feathers

Kindergarten scientists continued their study of farm animals with a lab that focused on ducks and feathers. We learned the parts of a feather and the various ways a duck uses its feathers. Afterwards, we cut out a feather using symmetry and added the barbs with snips along the edges.

















































I explained that ducks preen their feathers. They use an oil gland (under their tail feathers) to spread oil over their feathers to waterproof them. Click here to watch some Pekin ducks preen.

We painted oil on one of the paper feathers on our trays. Then, we used our pipettes to drop water onto the feather covered with oil, as well as the feather that we did not paint with oil. The water stayed on top of the oil covered feather, and just like ducks, the water rolled off the feathers.

I planted two of the corn kernels we sprouted on cotton a few weeks ago.

We learned about balance last week. Before we left lab, I asked these young scientists to ponder how I balanced this can. They thought possibly magnets, glue, or weights. All good ideas, but incorrect. Do you know?

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