August 15


It was time for a change!  It all began because I needed a larger space for my classroom library.  I’m always on the hunt for new books and I just didn’t have any room for my library to expand. Of course one change always leads to another.  So when I moved my library, I had to move my math and science center.  I’ve wanted a well-defined area for my word work center, so Mrs. Dailey kindly agreed to forgo her own desk and I purchased a new table.  I also moved all the electronics that were in the front of my room beside my desk and I found a perfect cubby to put my resource books.  It’s a work in progress, but redecorating is always fun!

Here’s my new library corner:

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August 13

Time Capsules

Each year, my students make a time capsule on the first day of school.  They complete a list of all their favorites and then place the papers in decorated tubes.  We put the tubes on a shelf and open them the last week of school.  It’s fun to see the changes in each of us in only a year.  We also discussed how time capsules are used in other ways.  It might be fun to make a time capsule at home when your child is eight.  Open it ten years later when they turn 18 and graduate from High School.  (Be sure to include letters from grandparents and a piece of artwork.)

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August 11

Building Community

I tell all my classes that my most important job is to keep them safe. Their parents entrust me with their care and I will always do my best to protect both their bodies and their hearts.

Our words are powerful and they can tear others down or build them up. We should taste our words before we spit them out.  Are they sweet?

Then we discussed the poem in this picture. We shared how words have hurt our hearts and that hearts take longer to heal than our bodies.

I cut out a large paper heart. We passed the heart around and as each child recalled a time his/her heart was hurt, he/she crumbled a piece of the heart. In the end, the heart was all wrinkled and even had a few tears. We passed the heart around again and as we stated encouraging words, each of us tried to smooth out the heart. Although it looked better, we realized that it would never be the same as it was when we started.

We finished by reading the story, Heartprints by Hallinan. The author explains that we leave a heartprint behind each time we do something kind.

  Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.
1Thessalonians 5:11

August 10

Can-Do Kids

We learned that the children in our class are can-do kids.  We read the story The Little Engine That Could. Nate amazed me when he stated that this story was like the Good Samaritan. What a connection!  We also read Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Did you read the silly poem, Bad Words, that came home on Friday?  The bad words are “I can’t”!

Thought you’d enjoy Strong Enough by Matthew West.

August 8


We use words when we think and communicate and they are the foundation of all learning. Having a rich vocabulary is critical for reading comprehension and strongly linked to academic success.   Some words are taught through direct instruction, but many of them are learned through independent reading.  I used some of my classroom start-up funds to purchase some new vocabulary games.  We’ll be learning vocabulary while we’re having fun!