October 2

Math Talk

An explanation of Math Talk from Math Expressions:

A significant part of the collaborative classroom culture is the frequent exchange of mathematical ideas and problem-solving strategies, or Math Talk. The benefits of Math Talk include:

  • Describing one’s methods to another person can clarify one’s own thinking as well as clarify the matter for others.
  • Another person’s approach can supply a new perspective.
  • In the collaborative Math Talk classroom, students can and ask for and receive help, and errors can be identified, discussed, and corrected.
  • Math Talk permits teachers to assess students’ understanding on an ongoing basis.
  • Math talk enables students to become active helpers and questioners, that creates student to student talk that stimulates engagement and community.

Rana has 34 stickers.  Only 10 stickers fit on a page in her scrapbook.  How many pages can she fill with stickers?  How many stickers will be left over?





David has 42 beads.  He wants to make some necklaces that use 10 beads each.  How many necklaces can he make?  How many beads will be left over?

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