November 20


In reading, I have introduced the literary term perspective.  We practiced this concept by thinking of items for which someone or something else may be thankful.  Look at some of the examples below:

George said, “If I were a football player, I would be thankful for the touchdown zone, my football, my pads, my mouthpiece, my eyes, and my feet.”

Cailin stated, “If I were a horse, I would be thankful for hay, grass, water, trainers, riders, and friends.”

Makena said, “If I were a rock star, I would be thankful for music, microphones, the stage, my fans, my voice, and radios.”

Aaron wrote, “If I were Olly, my guinea pig, I would be thankful for hay, Aaron, water, a cage, bedding, fur, oxygen, and a lock.”

Hudson explained, “If I were a policeman, I would be thankful for my gun, my police car, my partner, my chief, and my computer.”

November 20

Computer Lab

We went to the Computer Lab and played some Thanksgiving games last Thursday.  The children practiced logging in, locating a web site, using the mouse, and shutting down.  These games were good for developing problem solving and language arts skills.

The children wanted me to share this link.  Please monitor because there are some advertisements, but I have had no problems when I’ve used this site.

DLTK Thanksgiving


August 31

Independent Reading

We spend a part of every day reading self-selected books.  Reading, like any skill, improves with practice.

We are anxiously awaiting the opening of our classroom library.  We have been learning how to choose a book on our reading level- a just right book. Yesterday, I read the folktale, Cinderella, and explained that choosing a book is like trying to find a shoe that fits.  A shoe that is too small is like a book that is too easy.  It was a just right book when they were younger, but now they have grown and it is time to find a better fit.  I also ran around in a shoe that was too large for me and the children immediately recognized that it was like choosing a book that was too hard.  One day, the book will be a just right book, but they need to wait until they are ready.  We also discussed that we don’t wear the same size shoes, so the books we read will probably not be the same either.  Just like the prince tried to find the maiden that was a perfect fit for the shoe, we need to find a book that is a perfect fit for us!

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