November 18

Science Investigation for Home or School

Ask your child (or students) what he/she thinks happens to leaves after they fall to the ground? Why aren’t there piles of leaves on the ground forever? God has a plan for those leaves! Try this investigation. Collect some leaves that have recently fallen and discuss how the leaves feel. Place the leaves on a tray or in a shallow box and check back every few days. How have they changed? Do they feel the same now? Can they crumble? Why? If you had piles of leaves did the leaves at the bottom dry as quickly as those on top? Scientists observe and question.

Three days later:

Leaves decompose and enrich the soil. They are biodegradable. Decomposers, such as microbes, worms, and some insects, break down dead plant matter.

Why do gardeners love leaves? Watch this video to find the answers.

Safeshare link for the video below:

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