March 11


My kindergarten scientists are studying rainbows. Both water and prisms can open (refract) light to reveal the colors hidden inside.

We had fun using rainbow peeps. Rainbow Peepholes allow you to see secret rainbows that you normally can’t see. The special lenses in the middle of the peepholes are designed to refract light creating hundreds of rainbows as you gaze through them.

We ended this rainbow lab with an investigation. I dropped red, yellow, and blue food coloring into a pie plate filled with whole milk and the colors didn’t move. Why? Then, my scientists dipped a Q-tip into dish washing soap, placed it between the colors in the pan, and watched the colors explode! Why did that happen? How did we make green, purple, and orange?

Click here to learn more about this experiment. Try this at home!

When we cleaned up, we discovered that primary colors mixed together make brown.

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