March 16

Static Electricity

First grade scientists learned that matter is made up of atoms that are too small to see. An atom has a nucleus in the center and electrons that orbit it. Through friction, electrons can be rubbed off. Static electricity is the imbalance of positive and negative charges.

When two positively charged objects are brought close to each other they will REPEL each other. (The same will happen to two negatively charged objects.) When a positively charged object is brought close to a negatively charged object they will ATTRACT each other.

Click here  to learn more about static electricity.

We used static electricity to make this little man stand and dance.

Can you pick up a plate or tissue paper using the force of static electricity?

Can you make a can move across the floor and a straw rotate on top of a water bottle without touching them?  Click here to learn more.

Mrs. Dickey caught this example of static electricity on the playground. Can you find examples of static electricity at home?

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