November 18


Do you know that one of every four creatures on Earth is a beetle? PreK biologists learned about the beetle’s body parts and were surprised at the diversity! We drew the three body parts (head, thorax, and abdomen), six jointed legs, antennae, and wings.


We each had a beetle to investigate and to observe those parts up close.

Click here to listen to this story.

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November 18

Water and Air Properties

First grade scientists studied air and water properties in this fast moving lab. After an introduction to the power of air pressure, we experienced that power when we flipped a water-filled bottle over and held the water in the bottle with just a piece of paper! Click here to watch a video explaining this investigation.

We know that water molecules bond together (cohesion) and cling to other materials (adhesion). We flipped over the next bottle and removed the card! The water stayed in the bottle because the water clung to the screen. If turned sideways, the water spilled out of the holes. Click here  to learn more.

Then I amazed my scientists when I filled a cup with water, and turned it over a student’s head, but no water came out of the cup. Click here to learn about this super absorbing polymer. This same polymer is in diapers.

I also burped a cup and made water move sideways. Click here to watch this demonstration.

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