December 18

Ice Structures

PreFirst engineers (The Great 8) were tasked with constructing “ice” structures using various pieces of Styrofoam.

Although this seems like a simple task, we were meeting the following standards:

  • Identify Styrofoam, a manmade material, that doesn’t decompose quickly and cannot be recycled. Discuss ways to reuse Styrofoam and ways to reduce its use.
  • Strengthen fine motor and eye hand coordination skills.
  • Investigate physical properties of materials.
  • Develop creativity and communication skills.
  • Name and construct 3D shapes (pyramids, cubes, and prisms) and explore the number of vertices and sides in each.
  • Problem solve and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Explore balance.
  • Use the Design Process-Identify Problem, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve.

Save Styrofoam from shipping boxes and build with it at home.

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