September 24


Second grade botanists investigated flowers in lab. After learning about the parts of a complete flower, we dissected a flower and used our hand lenses to observe the sepals, pistils, stamens, and ovaries. We know that the pollen on the stamens needs to find its way to the pistil, so that seeds can develop in the ovary. We sliced the ovaries open and found the small seeds. Ovaries on some plants grow into fruit. Discussion led to the role of pollinators. We also sliced the stems and water squirted out. The green color on our papers is chlorophyll and the pink is the pigment from the petals. Click here to watch an informative video about flowers.











Our potatoes are growing!

Second graders also tested to see if food coloring would travel up the stem and color the white daisies.

We are also learning to identify flowers that we associate with fall – pansies and mums.

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