May 11

Zoo Field Trip

I accompanied the Pre-First and kindergarten classes to the zoo. It was a cool day, and the animals were active and so much fun to observe. These scientists just completed their study of animals around the world, so they especially enjoyed visiting the rainforest, desert, and African savanna exhibits.

The bus ride is always exciting for our students because they don’t ride on one often!

November 14

Lake Lanier Aquatic Study Program

What an informative and practical field trip! My students saw how Earth, chemistry, and biology sciences are interrelated.

A Description of our program from the Elachee Nature Science Center Site:

“Students climb aboard the floating classroom, Chota Princess II, for a hands-on exploration of the history, ecology and challenges facing Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia’s most important reservoir. Students will sample plankton, collect lake sediments, measure turbidity (amount of cloudiness in water) and determine pH and dissolved oxygen levels. On shore, Elachee instructors engage students in complementary watershed activities including topographical map studies, storm water runoff demonstrations and water treatment plant simulations.”

October 30

Nature’s Classroom Overnight

We had perfect weather for the Nature Classroom overnight on Lookout Mountain.

Did you hear about the ORT report? After every meal, the amount of food and beverage that was thrown away was weighed. The children learned how much energy is wasted with every pound of food that is discarded. I hope they will remember that lesson at school!

Before each meal, twelve student waitrons set the tables. At the end of each meal, they also cleared the tables and washed them.

Another one of my favorite memories was playing four square with your children during free time. I had so much fun!